Introducing Project Neon 5 ISO’s

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Everyone working on KDE Frameworks Five and Plasma Workspaces 2 is eager to bring you the next iteration of the desktop experience. However, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could play with all the shiny stuff just a bit earlier? 😉

I’ll assume you’re nodding your head right about now, so without further ado I give you Project Neon 5 ISO’s which are designed to give you a glimpse into how things are shaping up in the Frameworks 5 and Plasma Workspaces 2 world. Complete with an installer!

Neon 5 Live Env

However, I *highly* recommend NOT installing this directly onto your machine, as it’s not even meant to be a tech preview, but more of a this *will* eat kittens release. If you really want to install it, I’d recommend using KVM or VirtualBox. Out of the box you get the Neon 5 daily PPA, upgrade and things might…

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Twenty Fourteen, Unplugged

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The Twenty Fourteen theme is barely three months old, but it’s already one of the most popular themes on — understandable, since its flexible, magazine-style layout gives you tons of leeway for presenting and highlighting different content.

What if you like what’s under Twenty Fourteen’s hood but want a sleeker look for your blog? No problem! As these three blogs prove, Twenty Fourteen is just as easy to pare down as it is to punch up.

Twenty Fourteen’sdefault layout takes full advantage of its adept way with featured images and content, and shows off multiple custom menu and widget areas:


But it can just as easily take on a clean, single-column look, as Callum Hackett chose:


Callum showcases his longer-form writing with a stark layout that makes his words the focus. He’s replaced the solid-color sidebar with his own image; the subtle colors give the blog visual…

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For Those Who Still Don’t Believe That Thoughts Become Things…

Meaningful Magazine


In this cyborg nation, with our mico-exobrains (smartphones) in our pocket and macro-exobrains (PCs) almost constantly at our fingertips, the melding of computer and human is less daunting than earlier science-fiction conjecture.

Tan Le, co-founder and president of Emotiv Lifescience,  takes the human/computer interface in a different direction: inward.  Her proprietary headset and software reads brainwaves and converts thoughts into actions.  While there is still an interface and piece of hardware between our desire and the desired action, but now the physical action (clicking or typing) is removed as a simple thought controls digital devices.

Watch and be amazed.

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So far I haven’t seen anyone answer this correctly.

In Javascript (or in C and Java, for that matter) 0.1+0.1 == 0.2 is true then what does 0.1+0.2 == 0.3 evaluate to? The answer surprises most people, because it’s false. Try it right now, go to your browser’s address bar and type in javascript:alert(0.1+0.2); and you’ll get 0.30000000000000004 and that’s not 0.3, is it?

This is because the fractions in Java, C or Javascript are binary floating point fractions. This means that when converting to decimal numbers (the numbers we type by hand) there’s a loss of precision. So 0.1+0.1 happens to be correct, but 0.1+0.2 happens to have a small error. Notice that using more precision wouldn’t help the problem, it doesn’t matter how many zeroes we get before we get the 4, the == operator will still say the two numbers are not equal.

The representation of…

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Amazing pictures from the past and present.

Atomic Blast freeze frame.

Atomic Blast freeze frame. The horns sticking out of the bottom are the guy wires holding up the tower being vaporised.

This amazing picture is a nuclear test. The bomb is suspended from a tower as seen in the latest Indiana Jones movie. You can see the guy wires being vaporised.

One of the first photos ever taken.

One of the first photos ever taken. This exposure shows a typical city scene. If you look closely you can see the shoeshine man working.

This very old photograph; a very long exposure due to the technique used to capture it is a photograph of a Parisian street scene. The street traffic is invisible, but the two figures in the centre of the picture remained still long enough to be visible.

The famous Pale Blue Dot image.

The famous Pale Blue Dot image.

The Pale Blue Dot image is a photograph of our planet taken from 6 billion kilometres away near the orbit of Pluto. Voyager is currently 17 light-hours away from the Earth nearing the Heliosphere that surrounds the Solar System. This photograph was taken in 1990 and is one of the most powerful images ever made.


US Marines rasing the flag after the battle of Iwo Jima.

US Marines rasing the flag after the battle of Iwo Jima.

This photograph is the cumlmination of the battle of Iwo Jima; the US Marines are raising the flag after their victory in this battle.

The first photograph ever taken.

The first photograph ever taken.

This photograph was taken out of a window in 1826. Truly an amazing acheivement back then.

UNIX Administratosphere

I purchased a Dell Optiplex 745 (ultra small form factor) from a used equipment sale at the local university. I had hoped that it would be low power as well, but that does not seem to be the case – although a more modern computer is always going to be more efficient (or at least you would think so).

First, I had to reset the BIOS as it had been password protected against changes. Resetting the BIOS was simple: remove the password jumper in the system, boot fully once, then replace the password jumper. The full description is available at eHow. The only sticking point was trying to find the jumper in the case; it turned out to be roughly in the center of the board underneath one of the airflow covers. If you are looking at the system from the top – with the front facing you –…

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